Airfix A03410 JAGUAR XKR GT3

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For the first time in some years, Jaguar enthusiasts will now be able to cheer on an officially-backed Jaguar. The XKR GT3 retains the same supercharged, 4.3 litre quad-cam V8 engine as the road going car. The rules allow for alterations to some key components on the basis of durability required for high performance racing.

Eén uitvoering mogelijk;

  • JAGUAR XKR GT3 - No.33, Apex Motorsport, Le Mans, GT3, 2008.

Aantal onderdelen: 53 


  • Lengte 152 mm
  • Breedte 65 mm

Humbrol verf kleur nr.'s;

  • 11 Metallic Silver 
  • 19 Gloss Bright Red
  • 22 Gloss White
  • 33 Matt Black
  • 53 Metallic Gunmetal
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Airfix A03410 JAGUAR XKR GT3

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