Revell 07117 Opel Astra V8 Coupé

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The Astra G series Coupé look was used for the V8 powered dedicated race cars in the DTM series. These DTM cars are purpose built race cars with barely any parts taken from the road cars save for lights or door handles. The car's bodywork featured gull-wing-doors that were each supported by two gas struts. The race cars were powered by 4.0L V8 engines with nearly 500 hp (370 kW). Opel did poorly during several season of DTM as only Mauel Reuter placed significantly in the championship once, taking second in the inaugural season 2000. Opel won the24h Nürrbrgring in 2003, though.


  • Manuel Reuter.

Easy Kit;

  • Eenvoudig in elkaar steken.
  • Zonder lijmen.
  • Zonder lakken.
  • Met geïllustreede montageaanwijzing.
  • Stevige metalen assen.
  • Is al geverd - meerkleuren bedrukt.
  • Rolling Wheels

Lengte 140 mm.

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Revell 07117 Opel Astra V8 Coupé

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