Corgi AA38005 Fairchild A-10A "Warthog"

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Air Power Series
A detailed DIE-CAST model for the adult collector

Fairchild A-10A Thunderbolt 11 (nicknamed ‘Warthog’) USAF 57th TTW, Nellis AFB, Nevada – ‘JAWS’, 1977.

In 1977, the military mirrored the popular film JAWS as its acronym and name for its tactical tests of the A-10 and Army attack helicopters became the ‘Joint Attack Weapons System’ (JAWS).

Air Force Aggressor pilots reported that the A-10's light celestial camouflage scheme made the ‘Warthog’ easily visible from above, so the 57th Tactical Training Wing developed a new terrestrial camouflage of tan, green, or grey, sprayed and brushed with other earth tones. Two of the camouflages were evaluated at JAWS II in November 1977, and by September 1978 the ‘Lizard’ scheme became a minor, though well-remembered, camouflage oddity.

The A-10 was the first USAF aircraft designed specifically for “Close Air Support ” (CAS). It can be described as the outcome of the experience gained in the Vietnam War and the threats of the Soviet Union armor forces during the Cold War era. The first A-10A “Thunderbolt II” was delivered October 1975 and deployment in March 1976.
An A-10's pilot is protected by titanium armour around his seat and the canopy is a large bubble canopy which provides all-round vision. The aircraft is designed with outboard mounted engines and the self-sealing fuel cells are protected by internal and external foam . Extra titanium is used to protect some flight control system parts of the aircraft. All these insure the plane and pilot's safety from enemy fire.
The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. The A-10 was designed for a United States Air Force requirement to provide close air support (CAS) for ground forces by attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets with a limited air interdiction capability. It is the first U.S. Air Force aircraft designed solely for close air support.
The A-10 was designed around the GAU-8 Avenger, a heavy rotary cannon which forms the aircraft's primary armament (and is, to date, the heaviest rotary cannon ever mounted on an aircraft). The aircraft's hull incorporates over 1,200 pounds (540 kg) of armor and was designed with survivability as a priority, with protective measures in place which enable the aircraft to continue flying even after taking significant damage.
The A-10's official name comes from the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt of World War II, a fighter that was particularly effective at close air support. The A-10 is more commonly known by its nickname "Warthog" or simply "Hog". As a secondary mission, it provides airborne forward air control, guiding other aircraft against ground targets. A-10s used primarily in this role are designated OA-10. The A-10 is expected to be replaced in 2028 or later

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  • A-10A Warthog USAF 57th TTW, Nellis Air Force Base, Nervada - "JAWS", 1977.

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Corgi AA38005 Fairchild A-10A "Warthog"

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