Corgi AA39003 Westland WG-13 Lynx HAS2 - XZ725 Royal Navy

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Westland WG-13 Lynx HAS2 - XZ725 Royal Navy

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The Lynx of the RN had their combat debut over the South Atlantic during the Falklands War (Operation Corporate) in 1982. Some 27 Lynx from No.815 Sqn ‘went south’ where they operated in a wide variety of roles. Many were hastily fitted with Sea Skua missiles, even though the missiles had not completed their acceptance trials with the Fleet Air Arm.

It was not only the Sea Skuas use which was hasty, many of the HAS Mk 2s heading south with the Task Force were not uniformly equipped – Electronic-Counter Measures, thermal imagers and MAD were only carried by a handful of aircraft.

Many Lynx were fitted with door-mounted GPMGs for Close-Air-Support, an unofficial installation which proved popular with crews.

One of the most celebrated actions involved two Lynx from HMS Brilliant, which attacked the Argentine submarine Santa Fe on the 25th April 1982. One launched a torpedo, expecting the vessel to submerge, which it didn’t. The sub was then unable to submerge due to the circling torpedo beneath it; the Lynx attacked with their 7.62mm machine-guns eventually putting the submarine out of action.

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Westland WG-13 Lynx HAS2 - XZ725 Royal Navy HMS Brilliant, South Atlantic, April 1982

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Corgi AA39003 Westland WG-13 Lynx HAS2 - XZ725 Royal Navy

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