HA1055 Lockheed TF-104 Starfighter Klu Fighter

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A detailed DIE-CAST model for the adult collector

The Royal Netherlands Air Force (Koninklijke Nederlandse Luchtmacht) was a major operator of the Lockheed F-104G with 138 aircraft. Between 1962 and 1984 the KLu used 3 variants, F-104G, TF-104G and the RF-104G. The 138 aircraft consisted of 95 F-104G/RF-104 built by Fokker, 25 F-104G built by FIAT and 18 TF-104G built by Lockheed in California. The TF-104Gs were used by an operational conversion unit known as the “Dutch Masters”. TF-104G D-5187 was c/n 583A-5817 and was delivered on January 2, 1968. D-5187 served with the KLu until it was sold to Turkey on November 30, 1983.

Designed to meet a need for an aircraft that could successfully compete against the MiG-15 in Korea, the F-104 Starfighter was first flown on February 20, 1958. American pilots believed that the F-86 Sabre was too large and complex to outmaneuver the lighter MiG, and they wanted a smaller, simpler, high-performance aircraft to replace it. The resulting design was a light, aerodynamic airframe wrapped around a powerful J79 turbojet engine. The F-104C was used by the USAF from 1958 until 1967, but most of the 2,578 production Starfighters were built and flown by members of NATO, including the Italian Air Force, which didn't retire it until 2004. 

Hobby Master's 1:72 scale F-104 Starfighter is a good looking model with many quality features. The exceptionally long fuselage is constructed in diecast metal, with plastic side-mounted engine intakes. The rear turbine blades and the exhaust with its "turkey feathers" are some of the high points of this model, along with a canopy that opens to reveal an ejection seat and pad printed front and side instrument panels. The M61 Vulcan Gatling gun port is beautifully recreated, and the complex main landing gear is accurately rendered, securely locking into place for ground display. Most releases include removable wingtip fuel tanks, with fuselage mounted missiles on some versions.

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  • Klu - D-5817, "Dutch Masters", late 1960's

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HA1055 Lockheed TF-104 Starfighter Klu Fighter

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