HG3204 M26 Pershing 6th Battalion US Army

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The M26 Pershing was developed at the end of WWII as the successor of the M4 Sherman. Weighing in at 46 tons with 127mm of armor, excellent agility and a 90mm M3 gun for its punch, the Pershing was a tank capable of standing up to the Panthers and Tiger I's. At the start of the Korean War the M26 was sent to combat the Soviet built T-34/85s. The M26 became the model for designing the M46, M48 and M60 tanks.

Specifications :


5 (3 in turret – 2 in hull)
Weight: 41.23 tons
Length: 28 ft. 4 in.
Width: 11ft. 6 in.
Height: 9 ft 1 in.
Armament: 90 mm M3 gun, 2 X .30 MG (1 co-ax, 1 bow) 1 X .50 AA
Armor: 12.5 mm – 112.5 mm (on gun shield)
Powerplant: V8 500 hp Ford GAN petrol
Maximum speed: 30 mph
Range: 100 miles

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  • M45 Pershing - 6th Battalion, Pusan Perimeter 1950.
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HG3204 M26 Pershing 6th Battalion US Army

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