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A 135-ton schooner brig launched in August 1814, was built by Wigram & Green at Blackwall Yard. It entered service on the routes linking Britain with its East Indian colonies. Its main features were its ability to transport provisions and its good navigational qualities. It had large-capacity holds, although its waterlines were not too full.

Schaal; 1:85


  • Lengte 450mm
  • Hoogte 350mm
  • Breedte 140mm


  • Authentically detailed static display.
  • Pre-formed solid Ayous wood hull.
  • Mahogony planking and other pre-cut quality wood parts.
  • Brass parts such as hinges, wired, rings, chainplates and eye-bolts.
  • Cast iron anchors, martingale, crosstrees, caps, gaff jaws, windlass, and dewatering pumps.
  • Copper straps.
  • Cotton sails and thread.
  • Non-toxic, solvent free, non-flammable, acrylic paint (white, red and black).
  • Line drawing plans with all the views of the model.
  • Detailed instructions booklet in 6 languages (English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Netherlands, Italian, Portuguese).
  • Photographic sequence of all building stages, with special close-up zooms printed on the package.
  • All parts come in an organized tray.
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Constructo 80620 ST.HELENA

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