73MV56 H.M.S. Victory 1:150

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73MV56            1:150

  '' H.M.S. Victory  first rate vessel ''

The first rank vessel H .M .S .Victory, with 104 guns, was launched at Chatham in 1765. It was in service for a long time under the command of famous admirals. Its name was indissolubly tied to Nelson’s in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. It is the boat of the English Navy and is still preserved at Portsmouth. Large use has been made of precious wood moulded according to the form requested by the original. No plastic or plastic wood parts are used. The sheathing of the bottom of the hull with plates reflects the constructive schemes of the original and is of great realistic effect.

Afmeting: L 654mm / Ho 475mm.

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73MV56 H.M.S. Victory 1:150
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