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73MV19           1:55

 '' Roter Löwe - Galleon 1597 ''   

IThe galleon Roter Löwe was built in the Netherlands in the 1597 and was bought in 1601 by the Council of Königsberg on account of the Elector of Brandenburg. It was in service as a vedette-boat n Pillau from 1602 to 1605 under captain Peter Hintze’s command. The sizes of the Roter Löwe are unknown, however, on the ground of the tonnage of 240tons and the construction methods at that time, it was possible to reconstruct a ship having a length of 28 metres from prow to stern and a width of about 8 metres. Equipment: 12 iron guns on the lower deck - 4 guns to launch stone balls on the deck and 2 other for the retreat - 4 culverins. Crew: estimated at 30 hands

Afmeting:L 720mm / Ho 540mm.

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73MV19 Roter L??we 1:55

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