ScaleXtric C1255 Extreme GT

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                         Extreme GT

AANBIEDING zo lang de voorraad strekt! 

The excitement of sports car racing is captured in this fantastic set featuring a huge, extended figure-of-eight track which includes a raised bridge section and two exciting crossover curves.

The highly detailed Dodge Viper and Jaguar XKR GT3 feature working front and rear lights, easy change pick-ups and adjustable Magnatraction™ positions to help them stay on the circuit.

Space Required   : 280cm x 280cm

Track Length        :855cm

Deze set bevat:

Cars                    :Jaguar XKR GT3 and Dodge Viper
2 x C8203W             :Radius 2 Racing Curve 90°
12 x C8205W           :Standard Straight
8 x C8206W             :Standard Curve 45°
5 x C8207W             :Half Straight
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ScaleXtric C1255 Extreme GT

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