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From the paratrooper's folding bicycle to the assault tank, Allied Liberation Vehicles presents a living panorama of the vehicles that participated in the Normandy landings and the eventual liberation of Europe. The principal vehicles of the American, British and Canadian armies are shown here, each of them presented with precise technical details. The book is illustrated throughout with specially commissioned, magnificent, detailed full-colour photographs of vehicles collected and brought back to life by some of the leading restorers in Europe. This book will be of interest to all military vehicle enthusiasts and to vehicle modellers in particular...' 

When we get to the real 'meat' of the book however, it's all a little too superficial to be of much use to modellers or enthusiasts for that matter. Most of the vehicles covered are given a two-page spread, which consists of a sort of data file on the vehicle on one page, and some photographs on the other facing page. Often it's the case that there's only one small photograph of the vehicle, making it of little use to modellers who would require a full walk-around to be of any use. For the military vehicle enthusiast, it's all a bit cursory, and they'll often have full references on the particular vehicles they're interested in.

In fairness, the author does expand in some models, for example when we come to the Dodge WC 51/52 we get the data file, one page of text, plus an extra double page spread on various Dodge models, but again, as with nearly all the photographs in the book, they are of restored vehicles, and posed, meaning they're all from virtually the same angle and of little use to the modeller.

Although the range of the book is excellent, in that there are an awful lot of vehicles covered, this necessarily means that each isn't covered in much depth. Therefore I can only really recommend this book to somebody who doesn't actually model Allied vehicles, but just needs a light reference book to occasionally look up the various types of vehicle in use by the Allies during 1944.

Afbeeldingen ( kleuren) van verschillende Amerikaanse, Britse en Canadese leger voertuigen.
ISDN nr.; 2-7373-3465-9
Geschreven door Franqois Bertin.
250 kleuren foto's
Aantal pagina's

  • 127.


  • Lang; 25.8 cm.
  • Breed; 19.2 cm.
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