Mark Oliver Wohlers Buxtehude 13-01-2021 08:10
Placed my order in December and Transferd the money. Still waiting for my order to be shipped. Status of my order since 3 weeks on "wachtend"
Wrote a email but until now, no reply.....
Roy Emmen BredaBreda 09-01-2021 13:47
Hey Curt,

Ook via deze weg. Bedankt voor de leuke attentie! En de snelle service! De 8ste een Bandai Slave 1 besteld.
Vandaag in huis! En een leuke catalogus erbij! Thanks! Feel good purchase!

Giovanni Merletti Sant'Angelo Romano (RM) 30-10-2020 23:03
On 4th October 2020 I purchased 8 colors on this site for the sum of 54 €, (25 € only for shipping). After about two weeks I ask the seller, Mr. Curt Summers, about the interrupted shipment at the Dutch post offices, because they themselves suggested that I contact the seller. I write the first email, but no reply. After a few days I write the second email asking for an answer. Mr. Summers replies with irony, saying that maybe I already had the colors in the house. I responded by asking him how he allowed himself to make such claims. He replied after a few days that the problem was at the post office. These days I received my refund after threatening that if he did not refund me I would report it to the Italian Postal Police. Mr. Summers was rude, arrogant and insulting. I will no longer shop on this site.
Bram Van den Bos VEENENDAAL 10-10-2020 13:12
Hallo Curt,
wat een leuke verrassing na het openen van het pakketje, kan ik in ieder geval een poos vooruit. Dank je voor het snelle verzenden.
Dirk Koops Middenbeemster 03-11-2019 11:44
Zoek op Billing Boats,
Uitverkocht,uitverkocht,uitverkocht,alles uitverkocht, of verkopen jullie dat niet?
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