49055 Soot black spray 200ml

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49055  Sloot Black 

Modelmates Water Soluble Weathering Spray. 200ml canister
Translucent Spray Dye - Not Acrylic Paint.

It makes things look dirty, old and weathered. Dries fast and is easy to use.

Spray it onto non-porous surfaces, let it dry, then smudge and wipe it with a damp cloth to create weathering effects. Wet it with water and it will dissolve similar to a water colour paint and can be brush applied.


A very black spray. We use it on brick and stonework on our plastic and acrylic buildings to get a really black stain, but only around the base of the building. Spray a light coat, let it dry and then wipe it off with a lightly damp tissue to leave the dye trapped in the joints. Care needs to be taken if it to be used as soot staining around funnels on loco's, the spray is not that directional and is hard to apply in small areas. It will also stain more than any of the other sprays. To spray soot staining around locomotive funnels or diesel exhausts, first protect the model with thick paper or cloths, then cut a hole in a piece of paper the size of the stain, hold the paper about 10mm away from the model and spray over it. Don’t hold the can too close to the paper, about 200mm away, and spray very, very lightly moving the can across the model as described in the How To Use section. Practise this technique first before using it on a model, and check to make sure the surface of the model is not porous otherwise the spray will permanently stain it. Don’t apply too much, it’s a very dark spray. Slate Grey is an alternative colour for Soot and exhaust staining because it’s easier to use and can be made quite dark if 6 to 8 coats are applied

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49055 Soot black spray 200ml

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