49056 Sand Brown Spray 200ml.

Item No.: 49056


49056   Sand Brown spray

Modelmates Water Soluble Weathering Spray. 200ml canister
Translucent Spray Dye - Not Acrylic Paint.

It makes things look dirty, old and weathered. Dries fast and is easy to use.

Spray it onto non-porous surfaces, let it dry, then smudge and wipe it with a damp cloth to create weathering effects. Wet it with water and it will dissolve similar to a water colour paint and can be brush applied.


Sand Brown looks like sandy dirt when applied to wagons, carriages, locos and houses. It's a more gentle shade than Mud and Oil Brown and is less obtrusive. On lighter coloured models all that often needed is a quick spray and no more. Works really well combined with Light Grey and Slate Grey.

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49056 Sand Brown Spray 200ml.

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