Corgi AA37602 Westland Wessex HAS.3 XP142 "Humphrey" Royal Navy

Item No.: Corgi AA37602

Westland Wessex HAS.3

XP142 "Humphrey" Royal Navy, HMS Antrim, South Atlantic May 1982.

Humphrey was a Wessex HAS 3 (XP142 AN/406) based on HMS Antrim with 100 Flight of 737 NAS. It was used to rescue the crew and (SAS) passengers of 2 Wessex HU 5 (XT464 and XT473) that crashed on South Georgia during Operation Paraquat, the British operation to retake the island in late April 1982. Humphrey also did some Special Ops insertions, rescued a number of SBS/SAS personnel whose outboard motors had failed on their inflatable boats, plus depth charged the Argentinean submarine Santa Fe. It was damaged by cannon splinters when Antrim was attacked by Argentinean Air Force Dagger fighter bombers on May 21, 1982, while the ship was in Falkland Sound. The helicopter was due to be retired in July 1982 anyway; hence it went to the FAA Museum when Antrim returned to the UK.

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