Corgi AA37603 Westland Wessex HC.2 RAF No.72 Squadron

Item No.: Corgi AA37603

Westland Wessex HC.2

RAF No.72 Squadron, RAF Odiham, Hants 1970.

The RAF operated 68 Wessex helicopters designated HC.Mk.2 in troop carrying and support roles. The No. 72 Squadron was the first RAF squadron of the type to become operational at RAF Odiham, near Basingstoke, Hants, in 1964. The Wessex could carry 16 fully laden troops or an under slung load comprising usually of a Howitzer field gun or LandRover.

Westland Wessex HC.Mk 2
Designed by Sikorsky as a US Navy anti-submarine military helicopter, the CH-34 Choctaw first flew on March 8, 1954. This prolific aircraft saw action in Vietnam and is one of history's most successful helicopters, flown on every continent with the armed forces of 25 nations. It has served in an anti-submarine role, as VIP transport, for troop and utility transport and as a search and rescue vehicle. Under various designations, Choctaws have been operated by the US Marine Corps, the US Navy, the US Army and the coast guard. The type also served with the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force as the turbine-engined Wessex.

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Corgi AA37603 Westland Wessex HC.2 RAF No.72 Squadron

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