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                                '' Avia Ba-33 ''

The Avia BH-33 was a biplane fighter aircraft built in Czechoslovakia in 1927. It was based on the BH-21J that demonstrated promising results by marrying the original BH-21 airframe with a licence-built Bristol Jupiter radial engine. Other than the peculiar Avia hallmark of having an upper wing with a shorter span than the lower, it was utterly conventional; even featuring a tail fin for the first time in a Panvel Benes and Miroslav Hajn design (previous aircraft had a rudder but no fin).

Czechoslovakian BH-33s never saw combat, and Poland's examples had long been replaced in service by the time of the German invasion. Two Yugoslavian machines did, however see combat against Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf-109s, but were both destroyed and their pilots killed.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Japan Air Force, Mukden, 1932.
  • Czechoslovakia, S/Capt.Soukup, 1929.
  • Slovakian State, Piest'any, 1940.
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AZCZ05 Avia Ba-33

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