Matchbox PK-114 BAC Lightning

Item No.: Matchbox PK-114

          ''B.A.C. Lightning F.2A/F.6 '' 

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk; 

  • Lightning F.6.RAF nr.74 Sqn. Singapore augustus 1970.
  • Lightning F2A. RAF nr.92 Sqn. Gutersloh.West Duitsland 1974.
onderdelen: 60 
Model is in 1976 door Matchbox uitgebracht.

Resulting from an experimental requirement for a supersonic research aircraft, the P1 prototype had obvious possibilities for full operational use. The P1A became the basis for specification F23/49 issued in September 1949. Three aircraft were ordered in April 1950 and the first flight was on August 4, 1954. During November 1956 the P1B was ordered in quantity and in early 1957 flew in this modified form with a redesigned fuselage and powered by two Avon 200 engines. The P1B was the first British aircraft to exceed Mach 2 in level flight and had a phenomenal rate of climb. The name Lightning was announced in October 1958 and the aircraft was  developed over many years resulting in the F.1, 1A, 2, 2A, 3 and the F.6. There were also export versions that went to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the only foreign customers. 

The F.2A and F.6 offered some similar external details that allow them to be covered in one boxing. BACs F.2As were modified F.2s that were upgraded with; enlarged belly fuel tank, extended and cambered wings, enlarged and squared-tipped fin that were all used on the F.6. 
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