Revell 04617 Tornado ECR "Tiger-Meet"

Item No.: Revell 04617

The concept for the Tornado ECR was already in existence in 1985. It was given a passive sensor to detect and identify radar beams and in addition to the obligatory defence equipment it also had the AGM-88 HARM which would independently engage with the target on the enemy radar beam detected.

The only Luftwaffe Squadron equipped with the Tornado ECR is 32 fighter bomber squadron in Lechfeld. In their missions over the former Yugoslavia the German Tornados fulfilled a variety of important tasks in the role also known as "Wild Weasel". A total of 428 missions were flown without a single loss during which over 200 HARM missiles were fired. 

Twee uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • DASA Tornado ECR, Jagdbombergeschwader JaboG 32, "Tiger Meet 1996", Lechfeld.
  • DASA Tornado ECR, Einsatzgeschwader 1 der Luftwaffe, San Daminiano, Piacenca, Italien 1997.

Aantal onderdelen; 155 stuks.

  • Lang; 243 mm.
  • Spanwijdte; 201 mm.


  • HARM missiles
  • New instrument panel (with GPS box)
  • Radar sensor
  • New Tornado mould with numerous details
  • Flush metal joints
  • Detailed ejector seats with many structures
  • Detailed landing gear and bays
  • Landing gear can be built extended or retracted
  • Movable variable geometry wing
  • Detailed power plant exhaust unit
  • Two wing tanks
  • In-flight refuelling probe optionally extended or retract
  • Two detailed AIM-9L Sidewinder missiles
  • One ECM pod and one BOZ 101 pod

Revell verf:  5 6 57 65 91

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