Revell 03301 Russian Battle Tank T-90A

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Russian Battle Tank T-90A

The T-90 is the most advanced Main Battle Tank in the Russian Army. The 125 mm smooth-bore gun fires classic types of ammunition as well as guided missiles. The second generation T-90A has been in production since 1999. The biggest distinguishing features when compared to the original T-90 are the new track end links, the welded turret and the engine. The low silhouette, explosive reactive armour and the TShU-1-1 Schtora self-protection system ensure a high level of protection. The latter is an incoming missile decoy system. In addition to the Russian Army (T-90A), Algeria and Azerbaijan use the T-90SA export variant.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • T-90A, 5th Guards Tamansker Independet Motorized Rifle Brigade, Kyakhta, Siberian Military District, Russia, 2009.
  • T-90A, 20th Guards Independet Motorized Rifle Brigade, Volgograd, North Caucasus Militairy District, Russia, 2010.
  • T-90SA, 8th Armoured Division, People's National Army, Sidi BelAbbes, Algeria, 2013.
  • T-90SA, 4th "Baku" Army Corps, Azerbaijani Armed Forces, Absheron Peninsula, Azarbaijan, 2013.


  • 142 mm.

Aantal onderdelen; 160


  • New track link pins
  • Welded Turret
  • Optional T-90A or T90SA
  • Fine surface details
  • Two-piece track which bends
  • Smoke grenade discharger
  • Authentic 12.7 mm NSV MG
  • Reactive armour
  • TSchU-1 Schtora-1
  • Rotating turret
  • Hatches can be shown open

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Revell 03301 Russian Battle Tank T-90A
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