Dragon 6511 M4 SHERMAN 75mm NORMANDY

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  • Co.C, 70th Tank Battalion, Utah Beath, Normandy, France, D-Day 1944.
  • 37th Tank Battalion, 4th Armoured Division, Brittany, France 1944.

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  • Newly designed cast turret w/bomb-thrower port
  • Newly tooled sealed pistol port
  • Brand New thickened armor plate on turret side for protection of gunner
  • New realistic design for cast rotor shield
  • One-piece slide-molded gun barrel w/hollow end
  • Anti-aircraft MG w/pedestal mount on turret roof
  • Slide-molded anti-aircraft MG w/hollow end
  • Commander’s hatch w/periscope assembly

Upper Hull:

  • Newly designed upper hull for M4 Sherman
  • 2-Diction slide molds enable one-piece upper hull w/weld seams
  • Brand new armor plates in front of driver’s and radio operator’s hatch
  • Realistic weld seams on frontal glacis
  • Applique armor plates on both of upper hull sides
  • New radio bracket w/realistic weld seams
  • Detailed engine deck splash guard
  • New designed engine deck w/air intake covers
  • Engine ventilator covers is new
  • New horn guard

Lower Hull & Tracks:

  • Newly tooled engine rear doors can be assembled open/closed
  • Detailed rear plate included engine rear doors and air filters
  • Rear towing hook is new
  • New designed photo-etched parts for sand shield bracket
  • One-piece chassis w/bolt details
  • Detailed transmission cover made from multiple parts
  • Three types of transmission cover as option
  • Brand new one-piece T51 tracks by DS
  • Finely detailed suspension system
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