Caesar miniatures 073 WWII British Commandos

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"1940 - 1945".
After the evacuation at Dunkirk Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany with an army ill prepared to defend the homeland, and far from able to contemplate offensive action on the continent. The Prime Minister Winston Churchill urged the formation of small highly trained units of soldiers who could raid the coastline of Europe and at least score some tiny successes while the army at large recovered, and thus appeared the Commandos. The raids met with mixed results, but the successes brought some welcome good news and helped keep spirits up at home. With the entry of the USA into the war in late 1941 American troops joined those from the Dominions in a build up in Britain, shifting the emphasis of the war from raiding to a full-scale invasion of France, and with it the Commandos changed from specialists in small operations to elite assault infantry spearheading large conventional offensives.


  • 27 Britse Commando`s in 12 standen

Afmeting: 24mm ( 1.73m) 


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Caesar miniatures 073 WWII British Commandos

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