Caesar Miniatures 072 WWII Italian Infantry

Item No.: Caesar Miniatures 072

"1940 - 1945".
Mussolini famously said that he needed at least a thousand Italian dead before he could sit at the conference table, but in the event he got many, many more than that. Italy’s adventures in North Africa in the 1930s had done little to prepare her for a major war with European opposition, and while her soldiers were brave they were badly let down by poor leadership, administration and, perhaps above all, obsolete equipment which was in any case in short supply. The disasters of the African campaigns saw the end of Mussolini’s dream of the Mediterranean as “Mare Nostrum” (“Our Sea”), and from then on the issue was one of defending the homeland itself against the expected Allied invasion.


  • 31 Italiaanse soldaten

Afmeting: 24mm (1.73m) 

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