Revell 05089 U.S.S. Saratoga CVA-60 Aircraft Carrier

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The gigantic USS Saratoga was one of the US Navy's first aircraft carriers specially designed for jet aircraft and featuring an angled flight deck. Commissioned in 1956, she has now been in service with the US Navy for almost forty years. As a floating airfield the Saratoga embodies the power and flexibility of the UNited States Navy and has been deployed in many war theatres. Over the years she has undergone several modernisation and upgrading programmes in respect of her defence, early-warning and ship's systems. In October 1980 the Saratoga went into dry dock to undergo an extensive service life extension or SLEP programm whren she received new radar and communication systems, self-inflating rescue islands, new aircraft take-off systems and 3 Phalanx defence systems, as well as Sea Sparrow anti-aircraft guided missiles. Her comprehensive aircraft complement comprises 90 machines of the F-14, F/A-18, A-6 and S-3A Viking types. She carries a crew of 2.645. Gross tonnage: 78.200t; power: 280.000 ship; max.speed: 34 knots.

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  • U.S.S. Saratoga CVA-60.

Schaal 1:542
Aantal onderdelen; 262.


  • Lengte 587 mm.


  • Hull in one piece
  • Detailed side walls
  • Detailed flight deck
  • Movable lift platforms
  • Sea Sparrow launch systems
  • Phalanx defence systems
  • Separate "rescue island systems"
  • 4 screw propellers
  • Detailed conning tower
  • Aerial mast
  • Aircraft complement: four F-14, four F/A-18, two A-6, one EA_6, two S-3 Viking, two Seaking-Helikopter
  • Display stand

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Revell 05089 U.S.S. Saratoga CVA-60 Aircraft Carrier

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