Italeri 6441 LCVP Amerikaans landingsvaartuig

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The LCVP was actually a modification of the Higgins Industries 'Eureka' boat, and it was the most numerous of WWII's famous Higgins Boats: in Normandy alone, nearly 1,100 of these crafts landed in the American and British sectors! Basically constructed of wood, the LCVP was used in transporting fully armed troops, light vehicles, and other equipment and supplies essential to amphibious operations. It was these boats that made the D-Day landings at Normandy, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, Tarawa, and hundreds of lesser-known places possible. Kit includes three figures in action poses, and over 150 fully-detailed parts. A brand new kit of a most important craft!

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • U.S.Navy - Tarawa atoll, Betio Island, November 1943.
  • U.S.Navy - Iwo Jima, Februari 1945.
  • U.S.Navy - Normandy, June 1944.
  • British Royal Navy - Normandy, June 1944. 


Afmeting: L. 317 mm

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Italeri 6441 LCVP Amerikaans landingsvaartuig

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