Airfix A03260 Trafalgar Class Submarine

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      "Her Majesty's Ship"              

'' Trafalgar class Submarine ''

HMS Trafalgar was the first of seven boats of the Royal Navy ''T'' class buclear powered attack submarines (SSN) and the named boat of the class. They are propelled by a Rolls-Royce pressuried water reactor and auxilary diesel-electric power. Trafalgar has a seven-bladed propeller, but others boats in the class use a pump-jet propulsion system, being a high pitch, low resolution propeller that is a much quieter, but heavier, unit. The hull is covered with anechoic tiles wich are designed to absorth sound rather than reflect it, making the boat more difficult to detect with active sonar. The class has been designed to perform anti-shipping, anti-submarine, surveillance, reconnaissance and land attack warfare missions. Capable of firing Spearfish torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missle from their five torpedo tubes, they are equipped with Bow ,Flank ,Intercept and Towed Array sonar, plus attack and search periscopes. One of the class was the first Royal Navy submarine to fire a cruise missle during the former Yugoslavia conflict, and also in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The class has a displacement of 5200 tonnes (dived), length 85,4metres, Beam 9,8metres & top speed in excess of 30 knots (dived)

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  • Lengte 245mm
  • Breedte 28mm

Aantal onderdelen; 41

Humbrol verf nr.'s;        (MM=Modelmaster / REV=Revell)

  • 11 Metallic silver        = MM1780  / REV90
  • 33 Matt Black             = MM1749 / REV  8
  • 54 Metallic Brass         = MM1782 / REV92
  • 80 Matt Grass Green    = MM1671 / REV360

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Airfix A03260 Trafalgar Class Submarine

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