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"Her Majesty's Ship"

HMS Tiger launched in 1945, was the twelfth ship of the Royal Navy to bear that name. The first of her predecessors was built at Deptford in 1546 and later took part in the Armada Campaign. Famous battles in wich successors took part included actions off the Gabbard and the Texel in the first Dutch War (1653): the St.Jame`s Day Battle, Second dutch War (1666): Battle of Soliebay; The Third Dutch War (1672): Defence of Gribraltar (1704) Recapture of Calcutta (1759): Bombardement of Odessa (1854): Dogger Bank (1915): and Jutland (1916). This latest ship was a cruiser and the first ship of her class. Although launched in 1945 further work was suspended until 1954 when it was decided to fit HMS Tiger and her sister ship with new fully automatic guns of very advanced design. The four radar-controlled 6in guns, comprising the main armament were equally effective in the surface and in anti-aircraft roles. Accommodation for the ship`s compagny was of a very much higher standard than previously each man had an upholstered tubular-framed bunk and extensive use was made of plastics for paneling and table-tops. Other amenities included fluorescent lighting, cafetaria dinning halls, complete air conditioning, television, cinema and radio rediffusion. HMS Tiger was built by John Brown & Co Ltd - Clydebank, launched 24th october 1945, and was completed 18th march 1959. Her length was 555ft; Beam 64ft, Draught 21ft, Displacement 9.550 tons. Armament consisted of four 6in guns and six 3in guns, and her complement 698. Power was provided by four Parssons geared turbines giving 75,500 s.h.p. and a maxium speed of 3,5 knots  

HMS Daring was the nameship of the Daring class of destroyers authorised in 1944. Between 1953 and 1957 they were reclassified as Darings and not included in the destroyer total but from october 1957, reverted to classification as destroyers. HMS Daring was built by Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson on the Tyne and engined by the Wallsend Shipway compagny. She was laid down on 29th september, 1945; launched on 10th august 1949, and completed on 8th march 1952. She was the eight ship of her name in the Royal Navy, dating from 1804. Afther commisioning, HMS Daring served with the Mediterranean Fleet and Home Fleet, and took part in rescue operations following the earthquakes in Greece, and the Eastern Mediterranean operations in 1956 afther the Egyptian seizure of the Suez Canal. Daring had a lenght of 390ft, a beam of 43ft, and a maximum draught of 17ft, and a displacement of 2.800 tons standard. armament orginally consisited of six 4.5in. guns, six 40mm AA guns, ten 21 in torpedo tubes and one Squid triple-barrelled depth-charge mortar; her complement was 308. Power was provided by Parsons geared turbines giving 54,00shp and a maximum sea speed of 30.5 knots.

Inhous bouwdoos:

  • HMS Tiger

  • HMS Daring

Aantal onderdelen : 120

Afmeting HMS Tiger:

  • Lengte 282mm

  • breed 32mm

Afmeting HMS Daring:

  • Lengte 198mm

  • breed 22mm

Humbrol verf: 2, 24, 27, 30, 33, 34, 55, 73

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Airfix 04213 H.M.S.Tiger & H.M.S.Daring
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