73MV21 Carraca Atlantica 1:54

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73MV21       1:54

Carraca Atlantica

H.M.S. Beagle was built around 1817. Class: barque. Length: approx. 28 m. Equipped: 8 guns (before the transformation). Used at first as coasting vessel, it was subsequently equipped for scientific observation which led it across the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans to the most distant lands. A mizzen-mast was added, so that the ship could be more easily steered along the coral-reefs of the Pacific islands, thus transforming Beagle in a barque. Because of the peaceful aims of the expeditions the guns were removed. 27th December 1831: Beagle sailed from Plymouth, England for a long exploration voyage with one of the most famous scientist on board, Charles Darwin who, through various experiences and acute observations gathered during the voyage elaborated his famous theory of evolution.

Afmeting: L 843mm / Ho. 630mm 


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73MV21 Carraca Atlantica 1:54

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