73MV54 Star ''Jenny'' 1:12

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73MV54          1:12

  '' Jenny The Agless and marvelous Star - Olympic Class '' 

The Star was created in 1911 from lines drawn by William Gardner. Among monotype ships this one had appropriate measurements and ideal proportions. The most famous of helmsmen took a liking to the yacht and thus made it popular all over the world. Over 9000 of this craft have been built in the past 90 years. It is still Olympic class. Every sea and lake port vaunts the mooring of a Star, with its unmistakable lengthening line became at last familiar. Also the MAMOLI’s owners have decided to realize this model, because when young they had this extraordinary ship . They attended some regattas on beautiful water of Como’s Lake. As other regatta models of our assortment, details are made with extreme meticulousness. The hull is in wooden . The sail plan and the rigging respect really a Star the thirty years. As the color of hull, strictly bright and the deck with strips at sight. The rigging , then, was respected in his whole, from shrouds in metal plait to cotton sheets and halyard, to the metal connection on the mast and so on. We think that the sail supporters can be completely satisfied about re-edition in scale of this “ageless and marvelous “ Star.

Afmeting: L 567mm / Ho 931mm 

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73MV54 Star ''Jenny'' 1:12

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