Squadron Signal 5565 F4U Corsair

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The F4U Corsair was arguably the best piston-engine carrier-borne fighter ever produced. Designed in 1938 and first flown in 1940, the Corsair remained in production until 1953, long after many of its contemporaries had been rendered obsolete. Three firms- Vought, Goodyear, and Brewster - manufactured the numerous versions and sub-variants of the Corsair. This book closely examines three of the most notable variants, the F4U-1D,- 4, and -5, as well as selected sub-variants, through detailed color photographs of the most painstakingly restored examples existent. In addition to detailed line drawings and color profile illustrations, this volume is packed with over 200 photographs, including spectacular aerial shots and detailed photos of the legendary, inverted gull-wing fighter.

ISDN nr.; 978-0-89747-631-7
Geschreven door David Doyle.
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Squadron Signal 5565 F4U Corsair

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