Italeri 2699 Grumman S-2 E/F/G Tracker

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The beginning of the Cold War, with the gradual evolution of naval and submarine military technology , made necessary to adopt, by the United States Navy, an aircraft able to meet the needs of long-range maritime patrol and antisubmarine warfare platform (ASW). The Grumman S-2 Tracker, which entered in service in the mid-'50s, was the operational response to this new demand. The configuration of the aircraft with two Wright R-1820 radial engines guaranteeing a range of more than 2,000 km. This range, considering its ability to take off either from airport or from carriers, was absolutely able to satisfy its sea patrol duties. Its internal bay and the under wing pylons could also ensure the transport and use of a variety of anti-submarine and anti-ships weapons as torpedoes, naval mines and conventional bombs. The Tracker was also a commercial success for Grumman company. It was bought by the U.S. Navy and by a lot of air forces of several countries all over the World 

Vijf uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • U.S.Navy, VS-36, Andrews, Maryland, 1965.
  • U.S.Navy, VS-33, "Screwbirds", U.S.S.Ticonderoga (CVS-14), 1970.
  • Republic of China Navy, 133rd/134th Squadron, Pingtung Air Base, 1955.
  • Forca Aérea Brasileira, 1st/1st grupo de Aviacáo Embarcada, Base Aérea de Santa Cruz, Brasil, 1995.
  • Royal Australian Navy, 816 Squadron, Nowra (HMSA Albatross), 1975.


  • Lang; 276 mm.

Aantal onderdelen: 194

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Italeri 2699 Grumman S-2 E/F/G Tracker

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