Revell 04387 Focke Wulf Fw200 C-5/C-8 CONDOR

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The Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor was a German all-metal four-engine monoplane that entered service as an airliner. Later versions for the Luftwaffe were used as long-range reconnaissance and anti-shipping/maritime patrol bomber aircraft as well as transport planes for troops and VIPs.

The Fw 200 was built to a Lufthansa specification with Wilhelm Bansemir as project director. It first flew in July 1937 after just under one year of development with Kurt Tank at the controls. The aircraft was a simple development of an earlier commercial airliner. It was an all-metal, four-engined monoplane capable of carrying 25 passengers up to 3,000 km (1,860 mi).

To adapt it for wartime service, hardpoints were added to the wings for bombs, the fuselage was strengthened and extended to create more space, and front, aft and dorsal gun positions were added. (Their extra weight meant that a number of early Fw 200 broke up on landing, a problem that was never entirely fixed.) Later models were equipped with radar. 

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Luftwaffe; Focke Wulf Fw200C-5/FK, III./Kampfgeschwader 40, Norway, 1944.
  • Luftwaffe; Focke Wulf Fw200C-8, werk-No.0256, Winter 1943, Germany.
  • Luftwaffe; Focke Wulf Fw200C-8, 3./Kampfgeschwader 40, Bordeaux-Merignac, Februari 1944.
  • Luftwaffe; Focke Wulf Fw200C-5/FK, III./Kampfgeschwader 40, Braunschweig, Germany, May 1945.

Aantal onderdelen; 240.

  •  Lengte 328 mm
  •  Spanwijdte. 453 mm.


  • A stunning model replica built with injection molded plastic parts, beautifully scribed with impressive details!
  • Exquisite cockpit and radio compartment detail!
  • Complete fuselage cabin detail with optional MG in rear side windows.
  • Ventral gondola with forward mounted MG.
  • Dorsal turret with rotating MG.
  • Rotating upper gun turret.
  • Movable tail wheel.
  • Beautifully reproduced main landing gear with movable wheels.
  • Realistically molded Dipole antennas.
  • Bombs on external wing racks.
  • The crew entry door can be posed open or closed.
  • Movable propellers.
  • Incredible engine detail.
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Revell 04387 Focke Wulf Fw200 C-5/C-8 CONDOR

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