Revell 04386 Lockheed F-22 A RAPTOR

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The F-22 is the latest combat aircraft in active service with the US Air Force. This new fighter offers multi-role capabilities and its potential performance is superior to that of all competing contemporary types of aircraft. The F-22 will primarily replace the F-15 in its current role. It has a higher speed, longer range, the latest offensive and defensive avionics and good stealth characteristics. Equipped with two Pratt & Whitney F110-P-100 turbofan engines each with 10,701 kp thrust the F-22A, unlike the present generation of fighters, can reach a cruising speed of over Mach 1 without afterburner. In addition to a 20 mm cannon it has three internal weapons bays, located one on each side of the fuselage and one in the ventral position. They can accommodate guided missiles or GBU-32 bombs of the new JDAM generation. Due to its design and capabilities the F-22A is regarded as the "Premium Fighter" by the USAF and will also replace the F-117A Night Hawk. The 183 Raptors delivered to date are mainly in service with 1st Fighter Wing in Langley, Virginia, in addition to Elmendorf and Tyndall.

Vijf uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Lockheed-Martin F-22A-20 Raptor, Commanders Aircraft, 1st Fighter Wing; Langley Air Base, Va, USA, summer 2007.
  • Lockheed-Martin F-22A-20 Raptor, 94th Squadron, Commanders Aircraft, Langley Air Base, Va, USA, 2006.
  • Lockheed-Martin F-22A-20 Raptor, 27th Squadron, Commanders Aircraft, Langley Air Base, Va, USA, 2006.
  • Lockheed-Martin F-22A-30 Raptor, Commanders Aircraft, 90th and 302nd Fighter Squadron, Elmendorf Air Base, Alaska 2007.
  • Lockheed-Martin F-22A-10 Raptor, Commanders Aircraft, 43rd Fighter Squadron, Tyndall Airbase, Fla., USA, 2007.

Aantal onderdelen; 116 stuks.

  • Lang; 264 mm.
  • Breed; 188 mm.


  • New Tool
  • Surface details with recessed panel lines
  • Detailed cockpit with filigree ejector seat
  • Detailed landing gear
  • Landing gear optionally extended or retracted
  • Detailed air intake ducts
  • Detailed exhaust nozzles
  • Detailed arrestor hook
  • 3 detailed weapons bays
  • 2 GBU-32 bombs a.f.m.

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Revell 04386 Lockheed F-22 A RAPTOR

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