Revell 04397 Fairey GANNET AS Mk.1/4

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It was the first in the world to fly with coupled twin turbines driving contra-rotating props giving the safety of a twin engine aircraft and the ability to shut one down for economical cruising which gave it a very long endurance.

It was also the first post-war Fleet Air Arm aircraft to be able to both find and destroy submarines in the “Hunter/Killer” role and the first to carry most of its weapons (rockets excepted) internally in a huge weapons bay.

The A/S 1. was followed later by an A/S 2. with slightly more powerful motors but was externally identical. They were used by Great Britain (Royal Navy A/S 1. and 4.),Germany (Bundesmarine A/S 4. only), Australia (RAN A/S 1. only) and Indonesia (A/S 4. only).

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • Fairey Gannet AS.Mk.4, Bundesmarine, 2/MFG.3, Schleswig (1956 - 1965) & MFG.2, Nordholz (1965 - 1966).
  • Fairey Gannet AS.Mk.1, No815 Naval Air squadron, Fleet Air arm, HMS Ark Royal, 1956.

Aantal onderdelen: 99.

  • Lengte 187 mm 
  • spanwijdte 230 mm.
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