Smer 0844 BREGUET 693

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      '' BREGUET 693 '' 

This type aeroplane was a fast two engined two seater in wich the pilot and gunner were placed back tot back. Near ground level this light bomber aircraft adapted fot fighting eached a speed of 360kp/h ,and its engines were tuned to develop their full power at its designed normal working altitude of 3.000m. This fact, of course, constituted a certain handicap in ground skimming operations. As regards its armament it consisted of a 20mm Hispano cannon an 2 machine guns in front ,and one one tuuret-mounted machine gun and another pedal operated one under the fuslage at the back, wich was considered to be a satisfactory defence. There were no special bomb sights for bombing when diving or ground skimming, and the bomb-dropping gear designed for dropping eight 50kg bombs in horizontal flight made possible diving angles over 35 degrees. When back armour was provide for the crew the plane could carry six bombs as overload. Only 50kg bombs with or without delayed-action fuse were used for bombing atvery low altitude.

Twee uitvoeren mogelijk; 

  •  French Air Force, 1939. 
  •  French Air Force, 1940. 

Aantal onderdelen: 56 


  • Lengte 132mm 
  • Spanijdte 210mm.

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Smer 0844 BREGUET 693

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