Italeri 0767 IVECO FIAT 190 COWBOY

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The model kit IVECO 190.38 COW BOY is presented in the same box and with the original sprues of the FIRST VERSION RELEASED IN 1984. The hologram includes the sequence number assigned to each box as a guarantee of limited edition.

In 1983 IVECO delivered their biggest model, the 190.38. It incorporates every comfort including USstyle
exhaust pipes, roof spoiler, horns and a lot of extras which are typical of so many US trucks.
Maximum comfort for long distance is provided such as air condition system, comfortable seats, CB radio, folding table, road map board, reading lamps and comfortable beds. It is without doubt one of the most
attractive looking trucks on the roads today.

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Italeri 0767 IVECO FIAT 190 COWBOY

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