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Carrier-based aircraft

                  MH-60S Kinghthawk

The MH-60S Fleet Combat Support Helicopter is the replacement for the current Navy CH-46D, which is nearing or exceeding its original service life. The MH-60S is designed to provide the Navy's Combat Logistic Force with: (1) responsive vertical replenishment (VERTREP); (2) vertical onboard delivery; (3) airhead support; and (4) day/night Amphibious Task Force search and rescue (SAR) services. Secondary missions include Special Warfare (over water) Support, aero medical evacuation, and noncombatant evacuation. A second mission configuration of the MH-60S is being designed to support: (1) Combat Search and Rescue/Special Warfare (over land) Support (CSAR/SWS); (2) Anti Surface Warfare; and (3) Aircraft Carrier Plane Guard/SAR. A third mission configuration was approved in May 2000 to support the Airborne Mine Countermeasures (AMCM) mission.

The MH-60S is an Army UH-60L Black Hawk airframe incorporating Navy Seahawk marinized GE T-700 engines, folding rotor head and tail pylon, transmission/drive train, stabilator, and flight controls. The MH-60S shares with the Navy MH-60R helicopter a Common Cockpit, which consists of multi-functional displays, key sets, and a complex client-server based tactical data processing system. The MH-60S avionics will include: (1) dual UHF/VHF transceivers; (2) inertial and Global Positioning System navigation; (3)night vision device-compatible heads-up displays; and (4) a ground proximity warning system. The aircraft will have provisions installed to incorporate a future CSAR mission kit consisting of tactical moving maps, Forward-Looking Infrared sensor with a laser range finder/designator, crew-served side suppression weapons, Hellfire missiles, forward firing guns/rockets, and an integrated self-defense system. The aircraft will also have provisions installed to incorporate AMCM sensors and destructors, individual programs that are currently in development.



  • Lang; 56.5 mm.
  • Breed; 46.7 mm.

Aantal stuks; 6

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