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The SH-60F operates primarily off of aircraft carriers, providing close-in anti-submarine protection of the carrier battle group, and search and rescue (SAR) support during carrier flight operations. During anti-submarine operations the SH-60F employs a powerful dipping sonar, an arsenal of sonobuoys, and Mk 50 torpedoes. The SH-60F is also used extensively for logistics, transporting personnel, mail, and supplies between ships in the carrier battle group. A variant of the SH-60F, the HH-60H is designed specifically as a Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) and Naval Special Warfare platform. The SH-3H Sea King has been replaced by the SH-60F Sea Hawk helicopters as the anti-submarine warfare helicopter. The transition was completed in the mid 1990s. The SH-60F has the means to detect, localize, track and attack enemy submarines as well as provide the task force with utility support. The SH-60F crew consists of two pilots and two sensor operators, one of whom is a fully qualified search and rescue swimmer who is ready at all times for rescue operations. The SH-60F defends the carrier against subsufarce contacts inside of 50 miles and can be tasked to prosecute submarines out to 150 miles. The SH-60F is capable of launching and processing both active and passive sonobuoys, but prosecution of hostile submarines is usually accomplished through the use of its active/passive dipping sonar. The SH-60F uses a variable depth sonar and sonobuoys to detect and track enemy submarines. Detection is primarily accomplished by using the AQS-13F dipping sonar which is deployed on a 1575 foot cable while the aircraft hovers 60ft above the ocean. The pilots are assisted in maintaining their 60ft day or night all weather hover by an automatic flight control system. The SH-60F is highly mobile and can "jump dip" to reposition its sonar for tracking evasive submarines. Active dipping sonar in combination with Mk-46 and Mk-50 torpedoes make the SH-60F the platform of choice for prosecuting hostile submarines. Logistics missions include mail and passenger runs, medical Evacuations (MEDEVAC) and vertical replensihment (VERTREP). Both the SH-60F and HH-60H are capable of all logistics missions, but the HH-60H is better suited for most missions because of its larger internal capacity. the cabin of the "H" can be fitted with 10 passenger seats while the "F" is able to carry only 3 passengers in addition to its crew. both aircraft have an external cargo hook which is capable of carrying 6,000 pounds and is used for heavy loads or bulky loads that cannot be fit into the cabin.

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  • Lengte 56.5 mm 
  • Rotor diameter 46.7 mm.

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