Revell 04493 Kamov Ka-29 "Marine"

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The Kamov Ka-27'Helix' is a military helicopter developed for the Soviet Navy, and currently in service in various countries including Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam, South Korea, People`s Republic of China, Republic of China and India. Variants include the Ka-29 assault transport, the Ka-28 downgraded export version, and the Ka-32 for civilian use.

Drie uitvoeringen mogelijk:

  • "Yellow 38", Russian Navy, 1997.
  •  "Blue 209", Russian Navy.
  •  "Red 66", Russian Navy, 2000. 

Aantal onderdelen: 130.

  • Lengte 179 mm 
  • Rotordiameter. 219 mm.


  • Injection molded plastic parts, beautifully
    scribed with impressive details!
  • Rotating coaxial twin rotors.
  • External hardpoints equipped with a variety of payloads.
  • Detailed landing gear.
  • Highly detailed cockpit.
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Revell 04493 Kamov Ka-29 "Marine"

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