Lindberg 70860 ANTUCKET Light Ship

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The Lightship Nantucket or Nantucket Shoals was the name given to the lightvessel which marked the hazardous Nantucket Shoals south of Nantucket Island. Several ships have been commissioned and served at the Nantucket Shoals lightship station and have been called Nantucket. It was common for a lightship to be reassigned and then renamed for its new station.

The Nantucket station was the most significant US lightship station for transatlantic voyages. Established in 1854, the station marked the limits of the dangerous Nantucket Shoals. She was the last lightship seen by vessels departing the United States, as well as the first beacon seen on approach. The position was 40 miles southeast of Nantucket Island, the farthest lightship in North America, and experienced clockwise rotary tidal currents.


  • Lang; 438 mm.

Schaal 1:95

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Lindberg 70860 ANTUCKET Light Ship

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