Italeri 7066 M163 VULCAN

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Due to its low cost and great reliability the troop carrier M113 presented itself as a valid base for various anti-tank weapons systems such as TOW missiles or an anti-aircraft gun such as this version. The M163 was developed around a 20 mm gun “Vulcan”. Rotating barrels (with a rapid fire power of 6000 rounds per minute) were created for anti-aircraft use. The whole system is based on a simple, open turret with the munitions loaded on the inside of the vehicle. The M163 is not only used for anti-aircraft defense, but also as infantry ground support vehicle because of its enormous fire power.

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • M163 VULCAN - 3rd Armoured Division, 3rd battalion, U.S.Army, Germany 1987.
  • M163 VULCAN - 24th Infantry Division, 1st Brigade, 5th Air Defence, 2nd Platoon, U.S.Army 1991.
  • M163 VULCAN - 2nd Artillery Regiment, 5th Battalion, C Batery, U.S.Army, Vietnam 1970.
  • M163 VULCAN - Royal Saudi Land Force, Hafar al Batin, 1991.


  • 67 mm.
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Italeri 7066 M163 VULCAN

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