Revell 07391 FERRARI Superamerica

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The strictly limited edition Ferrari Superamerica combines a powerful 12-cylinder engine with an incredibly versatile convertible body in an utterly innovative manner. The roof concept incorporates new and previously unknown features based on electro chromatic technology and its use on a production car is a world-wide first. The concept allows the driver to vary the translucency of the roof's tough glass, from the full transparency of a conventional glass roof to completely opaque. A small electric motor flips the roof around its own axis to nest atop the boot, which offers the Superamerica the advantages of both a purebred coupé and a convertible sports car. Its 5,750 cc 12-cylinder engine provides 540 hp and accelerates the Ferrari from 0 to 100 km/h in all of 4.25 seconds. This delivers a top speed of 320 km/h which makes the Superamerica the fastest convertible in the world. 

Afmeting: Lengte. 192 mm.
Aantal onderdelen; 114


  • Waarheidsgetrouwe nabouw van de carrosserie met fijne oppervlakstructuur
  • Afzonderlijke, beweegbare motorkap
  • Gedetailleerd interieur met authentiek instrumentenbord en gestructureerde stoelen
  • Zeer gedetailleerde, meerdelige 12- cilindermotor
  • Waarheidsgetrouw nagebouwde velgen en remmen
  • Stuurbare vooras
  • Fijn gedetailleerde wielophangingen
  • Beweegbare wielen
  • Gedetailleerd chassis
  • Verchroomde onderdelen
  • Draaibaar en doorzichtig dak
  • Omvangrijke transfers met internationale kenletters (D, NL, F, CH, I, B, USA)
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Revell 07391 FERRARI Superamerica

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