Revell 07388 Ferrari 360 Modena

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The powerful 400 bhp Ferrari 360 Modena was presented for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1999. As expected, this roadworthy racer has extraordinary ride dynamics and owes its aesthetic qualities to the work of Pininfarina. It has a very neat and tidy interior finish. Unlike its predecessor, the Modena has problem-free steering, with no unexpectedswerves. An impeccable cornering position guarantees that it is easy to control,even at high speed. So this potent power package is equally suitable for very sporty driving and for effortless cruising. Ferrari have succeeded in doing the splits:dream of a sports car, bursting with vitality, offers great space and comfort without compromising its sporty origins. The power unit concealed under the glazed bonnet has a remarkable gearshifting gate that takes good care of the latter. In addition, by simply switching off the ABS and anti-skid control system, it is possible to select a driving mode for a trained racing driver. The Modena also packs considerable punch: the 400 bhp, 3.6 litre, V8 engine - with 111 bhp per litre capacity the most powerful stroke in the world - catapults the 360 from 0 to 100 kph in only 4.5 seconds; the top speed is 295 kph. 

Aantal onderdelen; 64.
Lang; 181 mm.


  • One-piece body with fine surface details
  • Detailed interior
  • Detailed dashboard and seats
  • Authentic reproductions of tyre rims
  • Separate wide tyres
  • Detailed chassis
  • Detailed decals

Revell verf kleur nr.'s; 31 / 34 / 90 / 99 / 302.

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Revell 07388 Ferrari 360 Modena

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