ScaleXtric C1254 JAMES BOND 007 "GOLDFINGER"

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                 JAMES BOND 007 "GOLDFINGER"

The excitement of every iconic Bond car chase is captured in this fantastic set featuring a huge, extended figure-of-eight track which includes a raised bridge section, two exciting crossover curves and a tight hairpin.

The Super Resistant Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin DBS feature easy change pick-ups and Magnatraction™ to help them stay on the circuit.

Inclusief Twee James Bond 007 auto`s:

  •  Aston Martin DB5
  •  Aston Martin DBS

  • Space Required :  275cm x 112cm
  • Track Length : 650cm
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ScaleXtric C1254 JAMES BOND 007 "GOLDFINGER"

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