CMK 35017 Volkswagen Typ 230 / GAS GENERATOR

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Volkswagen Typ 230 / GAS GENERATOR

CMK 35017 


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Volkswagen Typ 230 / GAS GENERATOR

At the beginning of WWII, though the production of the civilian car KdF-Wagen was reduced, it was not quite stopped in the years 1938-40, Fifty four vehicles of the sedan version were produced.

From 1942 to 1944, 630 cars were manufactured. All these cars were fitted with shadings of the front headlights. Some of them were equipped with the Notek light.

The first “Beetle” destined for the German army was produced in 1941. It was a sedan that was modified for off-the-road drive, and designated as Typ 92. After May 1943 it was re-designated as the Typ 82E (subject of another CMK kit of the VW). This had the chassis of the Kubelwagen and a two-door KdF body. The layout of this car was spartan, with only the bare essentials needed. The floor was like the Kubelwagen, made of wood.

The chronic shortage of fuel in Germany during WWII led to tests of alternate domestic fuels, like wood gas. For this, the car was adapted to use these fuels. The VW cars that were driven by wood gas generators were designated Type 230. In contrast to other VW cars, the wood generator in Volkswagen and Kubelwagen cars was installed in the front of the vehicle. The car also had a roof luggage carrier specially developed for it too. The maintenance of these cars was very demanding.

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  • Volkswagen Typ 230 - IIIA-0846, Germany - 1943.

  • Volkswagen Typ 230 - IIIA-43065, Germany - 1943.

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Released by CMK in 1999.

CMK 35017 

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CMK 35017 Volkswagen Typ 230 / GAS GENERATOR

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