73MV42 Santa Maria 1:50

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73MV42      1:50

  '' Santa Maria  Caravella de XV sec.

What were the ships of the great discovery of the New World like? Tradition always speaks of three caravels, a sort of swift ship with a light hull, several masts and sorts of sails. Scholars advise that, in reality, Columbu’s fleet consisted of 2 caravels, Nina and Pinta, and of a “Nao”, Santa Maria, a sort of boat with 3 masts, 2 square sails and a lateen one, provided with a foredeck, that makes it rather belonging to the class of the carracks. However, the small sizes of Santa Maria must not deceive: the strong construction, together with the nautical knowledge of the time and with the perception of the great sailor allowed such a great enterprise. 1492, a historical date known all over the world.

Afmeting: L 780mm / Ho 578mm 

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73MV42 Santa Maria 1:50

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