Zvezda 6420 SAMURAI Battles: NINJA ATTACK

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Zvezda 6420  


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Military Historic Board Game by Art of Tactic.

The council of war was over, and the samurai returned to their squads, ready to lead their warriors in the morning attack. Silently, a shadow drops from the ceiling beam, landing soundlessly on the floor. Bodyguards rattled their weapons on the other side of the wall… the Shogun mumbled something in his sleep. The ninja paused for a moment, wondering if he should use this opportunity to decapitate the enemy army. But he had not been given such an order. His mission for today was already complete. Besides, he could get the Shogun next time—and the morning will bring a very unpleasant surprise on the battlefield! Soundless as the stars, the ninja lept out the window, crept behind the guards, and like a cat vanished into the maple forest…

With the release of the first big expansion for the unique historical military boardgame Samurai Battles, Zvezda is poised to change the nature of warfare forever! The “Shadow Warriors” may be almost useless on the battlefield, but they are indispensable as spies, assassins, and saboteurs. Of course, the ninja will not provide a decisive victory, but they can intercept the orders your foe sends to his units, neutralize key figures in his army, and spoil his plans in every possible way. Plus, they are the only unit that can climb mountains—now the enemy cannot feel safe even behind unclimbable slopes!

Ninja Attack introduces new and subtle strategies to Zvezda’s game of feudal Japanese warfare. Included in the set are 18 units of highly-detailed and historically-accurate miniatures: 2 bands of ninja warriors, 8 troops of mounted archers, 6 squads of samurai archers, and 2 groups of samurai commanders (a total of 64 individual warriors!). This is the first appearance of the highly-mobile and extremely powerful mounted archers, which can move around the battlefield and lay waste to the enemy from afar. Samurai archers are a more powerful (and expensive!) version of the ashigaru archers included in the starter set.

The box includes everything you need to add these new units to the game, including sashimono (unit flags), decals, and unit cards. Two scenario books are also included, featuring eight scenarios for playing Samurai Battles with the Art of Tactic (designed by Konstantin Krivenko) and eight scenarios for Commands & Colors (designed by Richard Borg).

Returning to his camp along a winding path, the ninja spies a dark figure sneaking in the opposite direction. Apparently, surprises await both armies tomorrow, since the ninja never join only one side of a battle…

18 units of miniatures (a total of 64 individual warriors):
            8 units of mounted samurai archers
            6 units of samurai infantry archers
            2 units of ninja warriors
            2 groups of samurai commanders

Sashimono flags for all units
Model decals
Unit cards for use with Art of Tactic
Commands & Colors Scenario book with 8 new scenarios
Art of Tactic Scenario book with 8 new scenarios

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Zvezda 6420


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