Zvezda 8080 French Napoleonic HQ Staff 1805 - 1814

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French Napoleonic HQ Staff 1805 - 1814

Zvezda 8080  


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French Napoleonic HQ Staff 1805 - 1814

The man at the top of the Grande Armée’s administration was Louis Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815), Napoleon’s Chief of Staff. It was he that became expert at translating the emperor’s wishes into specific orders to be sent to the army, and he worked tirelessly to keep the military machine running smoothly. Although a marshal of France, he was no great leader of men, and would normally be found at some desk fulfilling his vital administrative function. This is how we find him in this set, sitting at a desk apparently handing out some order. He wears the normal marshal’s habit with appropriate decorations, and he also wears the aiguillette as was his right as Major-General of the Grande Armée. This is a terrific little piece, but it takes a little patience to put together, particularly the chair. The table has three legs, which was common practice for 18th century furniture given the uneven floors of the day, although for a table this size four would still have been normal.


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Zvezda 8080

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