Caesar miniatures 008 Hittite Warriors

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Hittite Warriors

Caesar miniatures 008 


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Hittite Warriors 

The Battle of Qadesh 1300 BC

 The empire of the Hittites was, in its day, as powerful and important as that of Egypt, yet until quite recently had been largely forgotten to history.

It had first began to appear around the late 17th century BCE, and finally collapsed about 1200 BCE, but in the interim it was a regional power that stretched at its height from the Dardanelles to Palestine. Inevitably this brought it into contact, and conflict, with the Nile domain of the pharaohs as both competed for territory and influence along their common border. Most famously this resulted in the battle of Kadesh, one of the largest ancient battles known to us today in any detail.          


  • 42 Figuren in 12 standen

Afmeting: 23mm

Schaal 1:72

Released by Caesar miniatures in 2006.

Caesar miniatures 008 

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Caesar miniatures 008 Hittite Warriors

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