Italeri 1274 A-26 A/B Invader

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A-26 A/B Invader

Italeri 1274 



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A-26 A/B Invader

The Douglas A-26 entered the Second World War at a relatively late date: the first eighteen examples were, in fact, sent to the European front in the summer of 1944.

However, shortly afterwards, the Invader demonstrated its worth, and on the cease fire the troops equipped with these planes had flown more than 11,000 missions. Also in the Pacific, in only a few months, the Invader consolidated its fame as the crews favourite bomber. After a short period of time, the A-26 found itself fighting again in Vietnam. It then became the average standard bomber of the USAF used in the War in Korea. It was in this conflict that the A-26C variant was more widely used

Vier uitvoeringen mogelijk;

  • A-26B; USAF, 552nd BS, 386th BG, Beaumont, France 1944. 

  • A-26B; USAF, 554th BS, 386th BG, France 1945. 

  • A-26B; USAF, 86th BS, 47th BG, 12th Air Force, Italy 1945. 

  • A-26B; USAF, 670th BS, 416th BG, France 1945. 

Aantal onderdelen: 112


  • Lang; 207 mm

Schaal 1:72

Released by Italeri in 2008.

Italeri 1274 

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Italeri 1274 A-26 A/B Invader

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